Company Profile

Established in 1980, Yaw Shuenn Ind. Co., Ltd is known as the professional and biggest company for rubber waste recycling and reuse in Taiwan, and defined as a R0301(rubber waste recycling and reused) legitimate manufacturer approved by Taiwan government. Currently, our processing capacity of rubber waste is over 800 tons every month.

For over 30 years we have supplied not only diversified products, but also unique customized services to satisfy customer needs. 

Our products meet EU norms including PAHs, Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) requirement, and Substance of Very High Concern (SVHC) requirement. Furthermore, we have many related environmental certifications, such as certificate for the use of green mark, certificate of green recycled product, energy saving and carbon reduction model for environmental model etc.


 In 1955, the company founder, Mr. Ziwen Hsieh engaged in tire dismantling processing industry. After tires dismantled, all parts from tires are valuable, such as wire, elastic bandage etc., but only tread stock are large amount and not easy to process. Due to this reason, Mr. Ziwen Hsieh saw the opportunity to launch his own reclaimed rubber business since 1968. Our company imported suitable technology and equipment from Japan. After constantly improving, our production capacity are increasing year by year. 

 Most rubber product industries have rubber waste recycling problems(ie. defective products, rubber edge or scrap products) besides tires. However, combustion, buried or storage are not the best way to solve these rubber waste. Since 2002, Yaw shuenn Ind. started to operate rubber waste recycling. We also offer different specifications of rubber granules/or powder with different colors, materials, and rubber feature for our clients as raw materials. Therefore, these rubber waste could be turned into reusable material. 

 So far, we have more than 150 customers using our reclaimed rubber products and rubber waste recycling/ reuse services. (more than 50 customers are for rubber waste recycling and reuse services). Our management principle is “ When we have enough wisdom, there is nothing defined as waste.” We hope that we can contribute to the effort for domestic environmental protection and create a win-win situation.  

Management Principle


When we have enough wisdom, there is nothing defined as waste!

Certification Information

Certificate for the Use of Green Mark


Certificate of Green Recycled Product


ISO 9001 Certificate

ISO 9001 Certificate

Excellent Membership in 2016 (Model for environmental protection