Reclaimed Rubber Series Product


Reclaimed Rubber


We supply three kinds of reclaimed rubber products, including Reclaimed Rubber (A-100), Fine Reclaimed Rubber (AA-100), and Light Reclaimed Rubber (AA-100#). More detail information regarding our products are shown as below.

Rubber Granules/ Powder

【Source of Raw Material】
Waste tire, defective products or edge rubber waste of other rubber products (ie. Tire inner liners, rubber shoe soles, and various of rubber waste, defective products etc. from rubber product factory.)

【Product Information】
Our rubber granules or powder are made by following:
(1) Waste tire
(2) Other rubber waste
(3) Colored or mix colored rubber granules /or powder
(4) Customized rubber granules/ or powder followed customer's special requirement

Our rubber granules/ or powder can be produced to fit in customer needs. Size range from 0.25~2.5 mm.
If you have any special need, please contact us. Thank you.

【Product Characteristics】
(1) It has good affinity with most rubber raw materials because its source was from scrap rubber of rubber product factories.
(2) It can be used as filler for some rubber products / or apply in some rubber products based on its color or feature.
(3) It have lighter proportion than calcium carbonate. It can used in shoe sole and some lightweight rubber products shaping.