Type of Rubber Waste for Recycling

We can recycle more than 200 types of rubber waste (below exist photos are only for examples) . If you have special requirement, we can provide customized services to satisfy your need . We also welcome any of our customers to participate with us for export our products overseas. For requirement regarding above services, please contact us via phone or email. Thank you.


1. We know the importance of circular economy and have responsibility for environmental protection. Therefore, we successively developed various of rubber products waste recycling and reuse. We are always tracking what customer need. Our company can provide different size of rubber granules /or powder to meet customer needs and the market demand. Using our rubber products is the better way to reduce nature rubber use and implement the concept of green energy recycling.

In addition to reclaimed rubber as filling material, we developed many OEM products (ie. Rubber granules or powder for running track, rubber edges or wet powder drying (centre of sphere of golf forming process), artificial grass infilling rubber particles, dedicated rubber powder for Infiltration pipe, dedicated rubber particles for waterproof and sound insulation, dedicated rubber granules or powder for road surface etc.)

2. Customized service for OEM:
Our manufacturing is followed by customer needs. For requirement regarding OEM service, please contact us.